Wednesday, November 01, 2006

DRC: Article on predatory governance

Research I conducted in 2004 in the DRC on the predatory practices of local administrators and the forces of order were documented in a series of internal reports. In 2005 a summary analysis of these practices and their impact on civilian livelihoods was accepted for publication by Disasters: The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management. The article, entitled "Democratic Republic of Congo: Undoing government by predation," is finally being published.

But isn't the data obsolete? I wish it were; I wish Congo were a completely different place today. Unfortunately little has changed, and the basic humanitarian and economic indicators remain as low as they were in 2004. The study is thus still relevant to the current landscape in DRC. While I dont have the right to post it here, if you are interested let me know by email and I'll send one along.

Here's an outtake from the Executive Summary:

"(...) Government by predation is an endemic and systematic feature of the civil and military administration, ensuring the daily economic survival of soldiers and officials, who are able to wield their authority in a 'risk free' environment, without oversight or accountability. The paper's conclusion tries to make sense of the persistence of corruption in social and political life, and assesses the capacity of ordinary citizens to reverse their predicament."


Black River Eagle said...

I'm interested, very. Email address is blackrivereagle[at] Why can't you publish an article that you have written? Lot's of other writers and journalists publish their work to their not-for-profit blogs?

Publish it, Man. Print or be damned!

Anonymous said...

I'm also interested. Email is wronski at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Definitely definitely interested, would it still be possible to get a copy emailed???

Thanks so much, and your blog is amazing!

edward rackley said...

Huh. You guys stumped me. I'll try to get a soft copy from the journal. Never knew anybody read this blog!